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I HATE overtime.

In case you weren't aware, tonight was the Capitals seventh straight overtime playoff loss. Like I said, I HATE overtime.

Look, there's just no reason to throw trash on the ice. None. I know it was a bad call. I know the Caps have been getting the short end of it this series, last series, and every series back to the Islanders in the '80s.

But seriously, the only thing you do when you throw trash on the ice is make yourself look like an idiot and bring scorn and ridicule on the organization.

I'm sure the trash throwers are the same people that leave Ted nasty emails. Do the real fans a favor. Stay the hell home for Game Seven.

I will be very interested after the playoffs are over to find out what physical ailments Mike Green and Alexander Semin are suffering from. Because the Green and Semin that starred for the Caps during most of the season have been conspicuously absent in this series.

It's a shame that the game-winner was an own goal, especially with the good game I thought Tom Poti played tonight.

Crosby and Malkin are both really good hockey players, but Ovechkin is transcendent. He isn't playing the same game as the others.