Highlights from McPhee Press Conference on Trade, Captaincy

Posted by Dave Nichols | Monday, December 28, 2009 | , , , | 0 comments »

Bullet-point style!

On trade:
  • "Thought it was the right trade for us right now"
  • Felt like they could move an extra defenseman
  • Will likely move Laich to a center spot
  • The trade "helps both teams" with Columbus acquiring veteran presence
On Chimera, specifically:
  • Chimera has "good size" and "tremendous speed" and thinks he's a 15-goal a year scorer
  • "Don't mind" the edge Chimera plays with
On Clark:
  • "Clarkie was a terrific captain."
Why now?
  • The deal was "discussed in September" but these things "have a way of resurrecting themselves." 
  • He felt the team had "a hole we wanted to fill on the left side."
On getting cap relief (the Caps save over $2 million on the cap):
  • The move was "not necessarily about cap space"
  • But acknowledged that the team could be a major player at the deadline "if we wanted to be."
On the vacant captaincy:
  • Out of respect for Clark, the team will "take our time and do things right."
  • Will "address it in the near future."