Very Quick Impressions from CapsCon

Posted by Dave Nichols | Sunday, September 25, 2011 | , | 1 comments »

Here are some very quick, incomplete and probably incoherent impressions of CapsCon today at the Convention Center.

1)  If the President of the United States is speaking in the same venue that 6,000-plus hockey fans are, someone may want to increase security.

2)  Also, he may want to pay his proper respects at Verizon Center at some point.  Just sayin'.

3)  Kevin Kaminski is more giving of his time than any human being that I've even met.

4)  Goalies are weird.  In a good way.

5)  George McPhee continues to amaze me.  Every time he steps in front of fans to talk with them he's more open, honest and forthcoming than the last time it happened.

6)  Don't ever ask Roman Hamrlik to dance.

7)  Tomas Vokoun really, really wants to win a Stanley Cup.

8)  Turn the damn music down!

9)   J.P. throws a heck of a party.

10)  No one can convince me that D.C. isn't a hockey town.

We'll have much more on the annual Capitals Convention tomorrow, including pictures and some of the players' impressions of the event and the support they get in D.C.

It was great to see so many friends -- old and new -- today at CapsCon. I kept telling everyone it was like the first day of school, getting to see so many friends we've missed over the summer. 

Thanks to everyone that came up and introduced yourselves to us.  We try to keep a professional demeanor on this space, but it's very gratifying to know that a) people are reading us and looking at our photos and b) you think enough of us to come up and introduce yourself.  Thanks very much.  It was a long, but really great day.

Rock the Red, indeed.  (photo by Cheryl Nichols)


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