Monday Off-Day Notebook

Posted by Dave Nichols | Monday, March 23, 2009 | , | 0 comments »

Bullet Point Style!

  • Donald Brashear will miss his seventh straight game tomorrow in Toronto.

  • Chris Bourque skated at practice and will presumably remain in the lineup.

  • Alexander Semin and Matt Bradley missed practice with the plague that's been going through the Caps' locker room. Both are questionable for the game tomorrow. A call-up (or two) could be expected.

  • The Caps are 18-8-5 in one-goal games this season.

  • Toronto has won three of its last four and four of its last six.

Sorry for the lack of posts the last week. I was down in Florida for a trip through the Grapefruit League for baseball spring training. We did manage to go to the Caps game against the Panthers though. Some observations about south Florida's home for hockey:

  • Very disorienting walking up a palm tree lined plaza for a hockey game.

  • The Panthers had scantily clad go-go dancers. No one should complain about the Red Rockers' outfits. They could be much, much worse.

  • Their overhead video display pales in comparison to the High-Def model at VC. I, for one, am very thankful that the team cares about their in-game presentation.

  • They had no TVs or even a radio feed out on the concourse. They did have a vodka bar though.

  • The team store was very extensive, including merchandise for every team. Since the basketball team plays their games downtown, the Panthers' ream store wasn't cluttered with Heat gear.