The NHL announced today that the Washington Capitals will face the Pittsburgh Penguins at Heinz Field in the 2011 New Year's Winter Classic. 

Even more exciting than that, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman also indicated that Washington would host a Winter Classic in the next "two to three years". 
"In doing our due diligence for this game, we could not help but be impressed with the fan interest and the possibilities in Washington D.C.," Bettman said. "And so our plan is to do an outdoor game in Washington in the next two to three years because we think that would be an excellent venue/opportunity/market/fan base for us to connect with, with this event, as well."
Exciting times to be a Caps fan, indeed.  Make your hotel reservations for Pittsburgh early!

The Capitals official twitter account sent the following out quicly after the announcement: 
Every Washington Capitals full-season account holder will have the opportunity to purchase tix for the 2011 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic
And had this information about receiving updated about ticketing on the team website.