Hendy Re-Signs: Winners and Losers

Posted by Dave Nichols | Wednesday, February 23, 2011 | , , , , , | 0 comments »

Forward Matt Hendricks signed a two-year contract extension with the Washington Capitals today, worth a reported $1.6 million.  We evaluate the winners and losers!


Matt Hendricks, obviously.  The two-year extension finally gives the 29-year old something he's never had in his playing career: stability.

GM George McPhee.  He locks up a player that has become part of the heart and soul of this team, and signals to the rest of the organization that hard work can and will pay off if you perform on a nightly basis.

Caps Fans.  You can all run out and get your #26 shirseys now!


Matt Hendricks.  He will now have to continue to get pounded every other night, a skill he picked up later in life in order to prolong his career and make him more valuable to a playoff team's thrid or fourth line.

Matt Bradley.  Essentially, McPhee just locked Hendricks up to provide the same skill set Bradley -- a more expensive and three years older player --  performs.

D.J. King.  The Capitals are proving that they don't need a heavyweight on this team as constructed.  It's just not that much part of the game anymore.